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Micro Controllers

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Arduino Start Kit

This is the starter kit that will be used in the three courses

Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS)


There is so much learning materials available out there, but how do you effectively use them to achieve your learning objective.  Our goal is to help you be effective in your learning through our guided learning programs.


When you embark on learning something new, you want to build something special with what you have learnt. Our learning projects will enable you solve real world problems.


We tell the world!

We give you a platform to demonstrate to the world through your learning project how you have used your new skills to solve real world problems.

Guided Learning

Our guided learning programs give you the skills you need to build new things.

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Guided Learning

We guide you on what you need to learn to achieve your career or business startup goals and we help you maintain the momentum towards that goal.

Flexible Learning

We offer flexible schedules and a variety of learning options, including learning online or face-to-face.

Professional Certification

We work with you to achieve industry certifications that will help your career or business grow.


“Taking online classes at Winam Tech has been a major benefit to me. I have been able to learn about Arduino microcontrollers and how to write programs with it to solve real-world problems.”
After graduating from university, I was looking for an opportunity to get into the IT industry. I got to know Winam Tech through a friend. The program has significantly helped me improve my full-stack development skills
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I was referred to Winam Tech by a friend after completion of my computer science degree. They have helped me improve my software development skills."
“I am a proud, student of Winam Tech, a learning organization where next generation of tech talent will be developed. They nurture both dummy and novice through team collaboration and real-world projects which prepare students for complex problem solving.”