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Projects with Arduino

Course Description The course introduces the student to basic projects using Arduino and prototyping concepts. Key Concepts Covered Include Handling thermal sensors DHT-11 Prototype use cases for the devices, sensors and other accessories Prerequisite Student must have taken Microcontrollers and Devices course and must have the lab kit

Microcontrollers and Devices

Course Description This course aims at passing on practical skills to students to allow them start controlling peripheral devices/sensors using the Microcontrollers and builds on the basic coding learnt into practical use. The students must have taken Introductions to Microcontrollers course Key Concepts Covered Include Introduction to light based devices/sensors (Photoresistor, Infrared) Handling mechanical devices …

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Introduction to Microcontrollers

Course Description This course covers the introduction to the dev environment, the Arduino and the basic concepts Key Concepts Covered Include Introduction to Arduino and its Dev environment Understanding Breadboard and using them as a prototype board Basic Coding using Arduino Input / Output interaction with Arduino Controls and decision trees using: IF Statements, FOR …

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