IOT Course Overview…

•Under our IOT basics we have developed three related courses to help students start appreciating several concepts like; edge computing, using microcontrollers, handling sensors and devices

•The courses are aimed at passing on practical skills to students to allow them start building simple projects

•Delivery will be Instructor led remotely and has a lab driven approach with a learning kit (mandatory).

•Training environment is based on Arduino UNO R3 using ATMega controller and Arduino IDE dev platform

•Release one has three courses (to be taken sequentially):

  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • Microcontrollers and Devices
  • Projects with Arduino

Introduction to Microcontrollers

  • The Basics
    1. Intro to microcontrollers
    2. Basic coding using Arduino IDE
    3. Binary numbers and Arduino call it  “Zero & Ones”
  • I/O Interaction with Arduino
    1. Introduce Analog Read/Write command
    2. Basics of circuit theory – Ohm’s law
    3. Serial monitor
  • Bring in controls and decision trees
    • using IF Statement, FOR and WHILE loops

Microcontrollers and Devices

  • Bringing in the Sensors
    1. Photoresistors, Servo Motors, Joysticks, IR
  • Basic Projects
    1. Start on basic projects; dimmable lights, joystick, pull up/down resistors and push button

Projects with Arduino

  • Use Case Projects
    1. Simple projects covering; Servo Motors, joystick, pushbutton, tilt switch
  • Bringing in the devices
    1. Cover advanced projects using; LCD Display, DHT11 temp sensor, HC-SR04 distance sensor that will start addressing real life problems
    2. Setting the pace for students to start building prototypes