Pricing & FAQ

Our  pricing is per course and is detailed in All Courses page.

Purchase a course

Register and review the course then purchase any of your interest. Our release dates are aligned to the calendar month for ease of planning


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Have Any Questions?


Here are some of the most popular questions frequently asked by our students

Online courses are meant to be done by anyone so long as you have the interest, passion and the resources to be online. Our courses have no academic prerequisite.

First you will register on our learning portal then access your course online through collaboration tool like Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Avaya Spaces. All the courses are instructor led.

This means you need:

  1. Laptop or a desktop
  2. Stable internet connection.
  3. Starter Lab Kit (for some courses)
  4. Pen and writing material

In locations where we have our Hubs, you may be able to access the course from the Winamtech hub site with prior arrangements

Currently all our courses are delivered in English. 

Prerequisites may exist in some of our courses more so the advanced version of a course that would require you to have taken the basic or entry level course

We do not have any academic prerequisite based on the type of courses we deliver at the moment and  nature of delivery.

Yes you can take more than one course at a time. The specific course availability will need to be validated at the beginning of every month as per the calendar

Payments challenges, please contact our support team through [email protected] We respond within 4hours

Our online Learning process:

  1. Browse our site for the course(s) of interest
  2. Once identified please pay for the course
  3. Most if not all course will require you to register as a student on our learning portal
  4. After registration you will be scheduled for the class and introduction to the instructor will be done in topic one. 
  5. The classes will be instructor led and delivered through online collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams, Meet and Spaces
  6. Class duration is between 30 to 60mins
  7. There will be homework and Quizzes that are mandatory and prerequisite for the next class.
  8. On completion of a course and taking an individual or a team project we award a certificate.